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College Park, GA – Local business Star of Georgia Foundation, Inc. (SOGAF) will offer our Male Empowerment and Leadership Program to young men ages six –eighteen at the Godby Road Recreation Center starting March 21, 2015 from 10-12:00 PM.  Our program is entitled “STING,” which is an acronym for Students Taking Initiative – Next Generation.  As designated in our logo, the bee is a small creature, however, it is a productive, hard worker, and its sting has a powerful impact.  This is what we want to teach young men in our program.  They are the worker bees of SOGAF and they are the next generation of our future.  No matter how small or young they are, they can make an impact in their community if they take the initiative.

Students Taking Initiative:


  • To be respectful and well mannered
  • To strive for excellence in education
  • To hold ourselves accountable for our own destiny
  • To become the best that we can be
  • To become leaders of our future
  • To give back to our community
  • To become positive role models for the Next Generation


Young men will participate in some exciting workshops and learn valuable skills that will impact their entire lives.  Community service, team building and educational assistance are also included in this program.  Workshop topics will include:







Space is limited, so register your son today to participate in STING! Parents may contact SOGAF at (678) 597-8373 or email to register.

We are committed to the following:

KNOWLEDGE: To supplement parental guidance and serve as a vessel for the development of the undeserved youth community, and prepare them for corporate and community leadership.

VALUES: To enable youth with the tools necessary for defining life goals required for success in education and career development.

OPPORTUNITY: To expose our youth community with experiences that motivates them to push the boundaries of the status quo, raise the bar, and challenge their obstacles.


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